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with the best client experience in the biz. 

→ Project Management Implementation (ClickUp)
→ Creation of Business and Team SOPs 
→ Luxury Client Experience

It’s Not Our First Walk Down the Aisle.

We're committed to helping you stay ahead of the curve—keeping up on all the latest trends, anticipating what your next couple will ask for, and staying a step ahead of the (friendly) competition. Decision fatigue comes fast when couples are faced with vendor lists—our goal is to make you their best option by far.

You’re a luxury wedding professional. You know your client experience needs to reflect that! When we work together, we’ll establish an efficient and streamlined plan of action so you can concentrate on your ultimate goal - taking your wedding business to luxury levels.

We know weddings because we specialize in weddings.

We’ll implement backend systems for both you and your team so that you can continue being the visionary of your growing wedding business.

Elevate so they can celebrate:

A Chief Operations Officer for your Wedding Business

Our curated project management and workflows will set a clear framework for you and your team so you can tackle larger, more ambitious goals—it's time to start scaling up!

→ Strategic Business Planning
→ CRM Optimizations
→ Workflow and Automation Set-Ups


5 Easy Steps to Creating a White Glove Client Experience 

Wow them from the moment they submit an inquiry form, all the way through their wedding day. You’ll have clients singing your praises and forever sending  you referrals. And we love referrals.


Upgrade Your Systems


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Need help updating your systems? We have multiple system service offers so you can get exactly what you need!

During our system services, we'll spend time learning about your business, processes, and goals, and then create a plan for how you can make your system fit flawlessly into your business processes!

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Ready to have a wedding season you enjoy? Ready to feel in control of your wedding season? Building the foundations NOW will ensure you are in the driver's seat through your busiest time of the year!

Our Masterclass gives you action steps to implement now and throughout the next few months so you can end the season joyfully and ready to take on next year!

Hire Your First
Chief Operation Officer

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Our team of wedding experts is ready to help you stop juggling all the hats and become the CEO you've always envisioned.

You'll have a COO on your side to ensure your couples are taken care of, emails are responded to, the business is thriving, and you're able to focus on the reason you started your business!

Kind words from ouR clients

Megan was an absolute pleasure to work with! She took care of my business and my clients while I was on maternity leave. It was the greatest gift to know that my clients were in good hands so I could focus on my new baby.

Megan picked everything up so quickly and was communicative about any questions or concerns that popped up to ensure things were done right!

She truly went above and beyond and rolled with the punches gracefully as she ended up taking on a huge, unexpected project!

Heather Altieri

Loved how simple everything was. I thought I would be working on these projects alone all winter, and instead we completed them so quickly in such a streamlines way. I loved the click up boards and loom videos to check in.

I would recommend Megan to a friend because doing it alone is just not a wise business choice. We specialize in photography, but Megan specializes in systems and organization.

Fox & Veil Photography

The biggest transformation in my life since working with Megan is the feeling of not being alone. Yes, being CEO of your company is lovely but its also so nice to have a constant person, equally invested in your growth to talk through ideas with, plan AND help you execute those ideas. And to celebrate the big and little moments of success.

Having Megan in my business has given me peace of mind, confidence, and space to return to the "whys" of my business- my clients.

Christine Baumgarten


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MEET the expert: MEGAN

I’m all about forging those meaningful connections that light up a room and make every celebration sparkle with joy. Because let’s be real—when you're dealing with celebrations of epic proportions, those personal connections are what elevate the experience from extraordinary to out-of-this-world.

As a proud mom of three and still blissfully married to my high school sweetheart (cue the heart eyes!), I bring a unique blend of warmth, expertise, and a touch of romance to the table. With a background in nursing, including time spent in the NICU, I’ve mastered the art of problem-solving and caring deeply for others, skills that translate seamlessly into the world of high-stakes weddings.

But let’s get down to the juicy stuff: when I’m not busy orchestrating unforgettable events, you can find me diving into the pages of thrilling suspense novels or indulging in the steamy world of romance (yes, even the scandalous ones!). Experimenting with gourmet recipes in the kitchen is my passion, as is jet-setting to exotic locales to soak up new cultures and culinary delights.

When we team up, you’re not just getting a collaborator—you’re gaining a dedicated cheerleader who’s fully invested in your success. Together, we’ll create connections that leave a lasting impression, turning your million-dollar weddings into truly unforgettable experiences. So, are you ready to take your events to the next level? Let’s make some magic happen together! ✨

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