5 Tips to Ensure a Stress-Free Wedding Season for Your Biz

From Burnout to Bridal:

You had every intention of starting the year strong!

That’s where my masterclass “From Burnout to Bridal: 5 Tips to Ensure a Stress-Free Wedding Season for Your Biz” comes in to save the day. It will help keep your clients swooning throughout the entire wedding season!





Audited 2022. ✔️
Measurable goals for 2023. ✔️
Focused on the client experience. ✔️
Ready to book more weddings than ever. ✔️



…until it all became too overwhelming due to a lack of organization and workflows. You’re a biz owner who has all the important client info and deadlines stored in your brain…until you don’t. You have a to-do list running through your head while you catch up on the latest Love is Blind reunion. In short: you’re completely in over your head and need help organizing your biz and yourself.

Save $100 when you purchase before September 30!



WHO ➡️ This masterclass is for wedding pros who have the time to overhaul their biz to make the wedding season smoother. If you want to be proactive instead of reactive, this is for you!

WHAT ➡️ Not only will you receive a pre-recorded video that never expires, but I’ve also thrown in 5 bonuses to help you get organized and guide the process.

WHERE ➡️ Wherever you feel most comfortable! The most important part? Hold yourself accountable by watching the masterclass and spending time implementing the steps.

PRICE ➡️ $79 through September 30 and then the price goes up to $179 (so snag this deal before it’s gone!)



"The course was great. Megan was personable and this masterclass was packed with so much great information. I LOVED THE FREEBIES. It's one thing to tell the listener what they should be doing, it's another to actually help them and make them feel like they are actually getting somewhere with their organization." - Jalen

What You’ll Learn In This Masterclass

This masterclass gives you actionable examples and tasks you can apply immediately for a more stress-free wedding season. Here’s a breakdown of the main topics and what you’ll learn along the way:
🤍 The key steps to proactively serving your clients: Send client and event information without forgetting a deadline again.

🤍 Book more couples with quick response rates: It's all about those CUSTOMIZABLE automations! We know GenZ is looking for personalization, and I’ll show you how you can give them exactly what they want.

🤍 How to get more done while working fewer hours: Productivity, here we come! Block routines and schedules are easy to implement and will bring some calm to your busy life.

🤍 How, when, and what to outsource: Take time to focus on the biz tasks that will move the needle for you. Learning to delegate isn't easy, but absolutely necessary!

🤍 Key numbers to focus on from last year: Knowing how to audit 2022 will create the best possible wedding experience for you and your clients in 2023 and beyond. We’ll show you the key numbers to look at so you can see alllll the growth in 2023.

This is the year you go from burnt out and stressed ➡️ focused and organized. Purchase “From Burnout to Bridal: 5 Tips to Ensure a Stress-Free Wedding Season for Your Biz” now for $79.


Level Up This Masterclass

Besides the pre-recorded masterclass, you’ll also receive the following bonuses to help you get the most out of the 2023 season and turn helpful suggestions into actionable steps!

  • Webinar Overview, Action Plan, and Checklist
  • Outsourcing Guide
  • Workflow Workbook
  • ClickUp Template

And if you need extra support after the masterclass, I’ve gotchu! Add a 1-on-1 60-minute call with me to discuss your specific business situation and develop actionable solutions and systems for you.

Let’s have a reality check ➡️ Only you can change how you run your wedding biz. I can give you the tools, resources, and MOTIVATION to make those changes to avoid burnout and go through the season less stressed and overwhelmed...but you have to implement them!