Work Smarter, Not Harder

Scaling your business can seem like a lot of work but, the secret is to put systems in place so that some of that work can be done for you. Properly implemented automation, well-written emails, and schedulers can really help to take your business to the next level. It’s 2023, and the name of the game is to work smarter not necessarily harder. 

Customer Relationship Manager: How to Use it From the Start

When your client reaches out their inquiry should be responded to ASAP. This will help increase your booking rate and show your clients that you’re interested in working with them. A client relationship manager (CRM), will ensure your email goes out without a hitch and without you even thinking about it. In this email, you can include a Welcome Guide, Pricing Guide, or a questionnaire to get to know their project a little better.

A client relationship manager (CRM) allows you to set up automated emails based on your workflow.

Using a Scheduler

Your initial email should also include a scheduler link so that your client can immediately schedule their consultation call. This scheduler will allow you to input times that you know work well with your busy schedule and allow your clients to book when is convenient for them. Long gone are the days of playing cat and mouse, waiting to nail down a time that works well for everyone. 

An example of a scheduler link that will allow you to work smarter not harder.

Pro Tip: Using time blocking when looking at your weeks is game-changing. Setting certain days for consultations will allow you to consolidate those appointments rather than having them spread out throughout the week. We love this block scheduling template!

Client Follow Ups

Following up with your clients regularly is key. Follow-up emails and interactions help you build a relationship with your customers. Once you establish that relationship, your follow-up emails make your clients feel valued and you can improve their customer experience. According to Forbes Magazine, “as soon as you’ve established a good relationship with a potential customer, it’s a requirement that you contact them on a standard basis. If you fail to do so, your prospect will forget your business and move on to partner with another.” But, all of this follow-up can often leave business owners feeling overwhelmed with a lot of extra work on their plate. Follow-up email templates planned out in your CRM’s automation will remind you to follow up and alleviate some of that stress. 

Well Branded and Designed Proposals

A well-branded and designed proposal can continue to sell your services to your client. Threading your branding throughout your interactions with clients will leave them with a memorable experience.  Using testimonials, links to blogs of weddings you or other vendors have completed at their venue, and detailed explanations of your services will help you land more weddings.

A well branded Welcome Guide included in your proposal.

Making your business work for you while leaving your clients feel taken care of is the absolute secret to scaling your business. Implementing these few steps will ensure that your business is working efficiently and will allow you to work smarter, not harder. Still not sure how to implement these strategies in your business? We are here to help! Schedule a consultation call to work with us to set up your client experience and wow your couples in 2024!

designed by Elizabeth McCravy

Photos by Ashley D Photography