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Honeybook Smart Files

Business Tips

October 27, 2022

What you need to know and how you need to use them.

Honeybook smart files are here and I have never been so excited about a software update. 

This is more than an update though–it is a mind-blowing, game-changing addition to an already fabulous platform, one that will make your (and your client’s) life so much easier. 

So, today, let’s talk about what smart files are and the seven changes these can bring to your business. If you prefer to listen rather than read, you can always view my YouTube video on Honeybook Smart Files

What Are Smart Files?

Smart files is an update within Honeybook that combines your proposal, brochure, contract, invoice, and questionnaires into one file. It allows you to control and manage every part of your client experience, making the whole process so much easier.  

Each smart file also gives you complete control over the visuals so your brand is always on point. 

It’s also important to note, you don’t have to always use smart files. You can always revert back to the original Honeybook if that better fits your purpose. 

My 5 Favorite Features of Smart Files


With the release of Smart Files, you have the ability to customize your forms–to a whole other level from before. Instead of having to build everything in Canva, which you can still do if you desire, you have the ability to customize the forms within Honeybook now. 

There are also more layouts available to help further customize your forms. And you can also upload fonts so that your website branding and your forms match perfectly. 

This new reature also allows you to edit the button that is in the emails to your clients.  To clarify, when you send your files to your clients, there will be a button to get to the document you are sending to them. In the legacy files (which is the previous version), you could not change the text of this button, but you can now. 

The new customization within smart files allows you to brand everything to fully fit your business, which is something that every business owner should be raving about.  

Editing the Files

WIth the release of smart files, you can now edit the files after your send them to your client. 

So, for example, you send a file and then notice a typo or mistake–well, you can now go back in and make changes. You weren’t previously able to do this. 

Your clients don’t ever even have to know you changed anything if they haven’t yet viewed it.  Or, if they ask you to change something, you make the changes and then send them an email to let them know it has been updated. 

No more redoing forms because of mistakes. 


So much is now automated within Honeybook, thanks to smart files. With these new automation options, you are able to automate invoices and contracts alone.  You can also include a smart file (which use to be called a brochure) in your workflow that allows your clients to select a package or service. An invoice and contract would then be automatically generated within the same file without you having to lift a finger. 

It is so easy. And easy is great because the easier you make it to book with you, the more you will get books. 

Within one proposal, your clients can do everything, without waiting on a response from you. 

It is brilliant. 


Contracts within smart files have been updated. They now have more customizations available and you can remove the banner at the top. You can add different content to the form and even add a cover page with instructions for your client. 

Video Files

You can now embed a video into your smart files. You can grab a video off of YouTube or Vimeo and embed it into a form. 

This opens a whole new door to personalizing your files. You can send a generic video that you send to every client or you can personalize each file with a quick video saying hi.  Or you can even send instructions or a “what to expect” video. 

The possibilities are endless. 

Why Use Smart Files

Implementing smart files into your processes with your clients is great way to increase conversion and help create a better customer service. 

Smart files make your client experience so much smoother and relatively seamless by making the navigation and interface so much more intuitive. And the easier you make it for clients the more you will book them. It’s a simple philosophy but highly effective. 

Smart files make every step of your client experience about your client. It’s perfect.

How To Use Smart Files

When you log into Honeybook, you will get notice that there is something new to try. This will be the new smart files. Once you click the link and add smart files, you can start playing around and discovering all of the many features with this option. 

It’s important to know that you will still be able to access your legacy files at any time. 

Learning to use smart files can be daunting, just like learning anything new. I recommend waiting until after busy season to really dive into how to use smart files because you really need a day or two of focused attention to learn its full capabilities. 

If you want to speed up the process, I recommend booking a VIP Day with me. In one day, you can access my expertise with smart files and all things Honeybook. We will work together to get your Honeybook set up with smart files and I will show you how to do work with them in the process. 

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